3D/4D/HD Precious Packages

At Precious Glimpse, we offer three Precious Packages: Precious Bonding, Experience and Journey. Each Package offers luxurious bonding time in a warm, comfortable setting with our freshly made bed complete with a blanket and relaxing music. You may get the chance to see your baby yawn, wave or kick. We provide quality informative sessions and will walk you through the scan and answer any questions you may have. Our room seats up to 6 people so you can also bring family and friends to enjoy this once-in-a lifetime experience. We have a large wall mounted 40″ LED TV for you and your family to capture your baby’s moments in the womb. All of our Precious Packages come with colour prints for you to keep and a USB filled with images on the day. The digital images are saved in a friendly format allowing you to share this incredible moment on any social media platform. It’s truly a unique and amazing experience and will create a positive bond for you and your baby. 

Price starts from $120.00

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Early Gender Scan 

Our exciting Early Gender Scan is made for expectant parents who are eager to know the sex of their baby. We can reveal the gender of your baby as early as 14 weeks with 99% accuracy. We listen to and respect any special requests you have on revealing the gender, whether it is writing it down on a card in an envelope or telling only a certain family member or friend. You can purchase one of our USBs for $10 to receive all the images on the day or purchase our photo add-on (10 x colour prints + USB).

Gender Scan is $90.00

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Reassurance Scan

Sometimes we need to be Reassured that our baby is healthy. After all, stress and anxiety can affect a baby’s growth and development. But sometimes, the wait before your next doctor’s appointment or scan is too long, and such uncertainty can be very unpleasant. We’re proud that our Reassurance Scan is the first of its kind in Melbourne provided by a qualified female sonographer. We will check your baby’s heartbeat, physical movement, growth and weight by performing biometrical measurements. Our sessions are informative and we will answer any questions you have throughout the scan. You will get to watch your baby move on the screen and hear their heart beat. At the end of your session you will feel Reassured and have a peace of mind. No doctor’s referral is required for a Reassurance Scan and we accept same day bookings with our opening hours up to 9 pm every day (call us on 0420 693 661). We will provide you with 3D/4D/HD colour photos of your baby and some digital images will be emailed. Alternatively you can purchase our USB for $10 with all images on the day. 

Reassurance Scan is $90.00

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