Reassurance Scan - Basic

It is normal to worry about your pregnancy, especially in the early weeks before you feel your baby move.

A reassurance scan can help to ease your fears and give you a sneak peek of what your little bub is up to. This quick 2D ultrasound lets you see and hear your baby’s heartbeat and movement.

When to have it: Anytime 

Cost: $105 (5% off returning clients)

Duration: 5 – 10 minutes

What’s included:

  • 2D Ultrasound only
  • 3 x Ultrasound thermal black & white images
  • Baby’s heartbeat and physical movement check

Reassurance Scan - Plus

In the early weeks of your pregnancy, nothing's more reassuring than hearing your baby's heartbeat and seeing them move.

With reassurance scan plus, you can do just that in our latest HD technology. Plus, you'll get to take home some beautiful souvenirs so you can never forget this special moment.

When to have it: 8-24 weeks 

Cost: $159 (5% off returning clients)

Duration: Up to 15 minutes

What’s included:

  • 2D/3D/4D Ultrasound
  • Latest HD Ultrasound technology
  • 3 x Ultrasound thermal black & white print
  • 3 x Colour ( 6 x 4″) photo print
  • 1 x Short video clip
  • Audio video of baby’s heartbeat (with sound)
  • All images are sent directly to your phone via Tricefy

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