From the Precious Glimpse team, we answer the most frequent questions asked by our mothers

Pre-scan questions

What is the difference between 2D/3D/4D & HD Ultrasound?

In ultrasound, a dimension is defined as the measure of length. We live in a 3D (D stands for dimensional) world with the 4th dimension as time. By using multiple dimensions in ultrasound, we can find the width, depth and height of an object (in this case, your baby!). Below is a short summary of each dimensions and how ultrasound takes advantage of it.

2D ultrasound

2D ultrasounds are the traditional “black and white” images typically seen and represent a flat cross section of your baby. These images allow you to see through the baby and their organs and skeletal system can be visualized. This is very useful for obtaining growth measurement, heart rate and detecting abnormalities.

3D/4D ultrasound

3D ultrasound uses multiple 2D image slices to create the “surface” of the baby; this is the third dimension. This allows you to see the baby from the outer skin surface instead of bones.

When the 3D image is combined with time (fourth dimension) this will show live 4D movement of the baby and allows you to view the baby in real life motion as they are occurring in the womb. Facial expressions such as a yawn or sucking the thumb or toe can be seen.

HD ultrasound

High Definition (HD) is the latest technology in rendering surfaces and is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Compared to the monochrome surface of the 3D images, HD images from our state of the art technology GE Voluson  shows more depth and detail with almost real life-like baby images with no additional cost.

When is the best time to have the 3D/4D/HD scan?
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During scan

My partner is coming, can we wait?

Unfortunately, we can only wait for a few minutes before commencing the scan, we want to ensure our technician has adequate time to provide you with the best images and experience possible. However, our receptionist can bring your partner to our room if you wish.

I am experiencing discomfort while you are scanning me.
Can I take videos and facetime my family?


Can you please send me the medical report in my email?

Our medical reports are best interpreted by your general practitioner/midwife or other health specialist. By sending reports directly to the mother, we may create unnecessary stress to an otherwise healthy pregnancy. Therefore, all medical reports are sent directly to your health professionals.

We take priority in sending medical reports to your health professionals in a timely manner, but sometimes there could be issues with reports being received. We urge all of our mothers to contact your health professional at least a day prior to your consultation to ensure they receive it. In the case where they have not yet received it, give us a call or email and we will send it again with a follow-up call to confirm they have received the report on their end.

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I didn’t receive my Tricefy link
My GP have not received my report
My heart recording bear’s heart stop working

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