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What is a placenta? How does it affect me?

15-March-20 Angela Tran

WHAT IS A PLACENTA? DOES THE POSITION AFFECT ME?   During your pregnancy, your body begins to adjust to the baby and undergo many changes such as the growth and positioning of the placenta. The placenta produces hormones needed during the pregnancy such as lactogen, oestrogen and progesterone. These hormones … Continued

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House of Harvee – The Precious Experience

01-July-18 Peter Nguyen

The Precious Experience by House of Harvee    Seeing your baby, while he/she is still in your belly, is the most amazing, surreal thing ever.. I know technology today is very well advanced but I still lay there at an ultrasound wondering how on earth they can get such a … Continued

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Pampering Pregnant Mums

10-October-17 Anna Nguyen

PAMPERING PREGNANT MUMS The 40 weeks journey for some lucky mum can be a walk in the park and for others such as myself can be hard work. The first trimester started with emotional outburst, vomiting, constant nausea, forgetfulness, indecisiveness and exhaustion. By the second trimester, most of these things … Continued

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Partners Guide: How To Help Your Pregnant Partner

10-October-17 Anna Nguyen

Congratulations on being a parent! If it’s the first or subsequent time, it’s wonderful news and can still feel surreal! Every pregnancy can be different, and your dearest can go through different symptoms each time. It can be hard and you may feel helpless at time, to watch your loved … Continued

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What Is The Difference Between HD & 5D Ultrasound?

10-October-17 Anna Nguyen

What Is The Difference Between HD & 5D Ultrasound?   The word “5D ultrasound” has been heard more often recently and as appealing as this word sound the actual meaning of 5D according to Doug Ryan (vice president of Samsung Health and Medical equipment) is that “5D technology is a … Continued