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Seeing your baby, while he/she is still in your belly, is the most amazing, surreal thing ever.. I know technology today is very well advanced but I still lay there at an ultrasound wondering how on earth they can get such a clear picture!

I’m extremely grateful to have had 3 low risk pregnancies, however that means that I only get to see the baby via ultrasound a couple of times (through the public system) Which I find so bizarre! I want to see the baby at every chance I get. So, it was important to me to find somewhere reliable, inviting and safe to have my ultrasounds done.

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to visit the lovely Anna at Precious Glimpse where I got to experience the magic and joy of seeing my baby in 4D! It was such an amazing experience, I can highly recommend Precious Glimpse. The images were so clear and Anna was so knowledgeable, caring and patient, especially since baby kept hiding his face.

House of Harvee holding HD images
House of Harvee in her third trimester with images of her baby in HD. Courtesy of Precious Glimpse Melbourne

Questions and Answers


  • Why did you think the market needed a place like yours?

As a mother and sonographer of eight years, I know how important these ultrasound sessions are to a pregnant woman and her family. Whether it’s their first or subsequent pregnancy it really is a wonderful and special moment. Even with a positive pregnancy test result it doesn’t truly sink in until you see your precious baby on the screen.

Pregnant women shared their stories and experiences at other hospitals/clinics with us. As we listened, we saw how unpleasant experiences really dampened a pregnant mother’s spirit. Pregnancy marks the beginning of an amazing journey, so we believe it should be a time of celebration, especially with your partner, family and friends.

Thus we want  to ensure that pregnant mothers receive the highest standard of service and latest top-quality imaging to help them celebrate their journey and bond with their child. Our clinic has been registered and accredited with the latest technology in Ultrasound and all scans are performed by an accredited sonographer. We have many services including medical diagnostics and private scans available from early to late pregnancy with a wide range of packages: early gender scan, reassurance scans and our latest HD ultrasound which is a breakthrough in technology.

Hospitals and big private radiology company may not have sufficient time, room space or high quality obstetrics software. Hence pregnant women may feel their experience is rushed or that family members are not welcome or allowed to be in the room to share this precious moment with them.

At our clinic we aim to give expecting parents the chance to enjoy the experience with their family and friends in a comfortable, safe and relaxing environment. There are a wide range of options to choose from to give parents control over the length of their session and what photos and videos options they would like.

  • Who will be doing the scan and what are they qualified as?

A qualified and experienced female sonographer will be doing the scan to ensure our clients receive the most informative and knowledgeable experience. We hope to expand to cater for our amazing pregnant mothers who travel from regional Victoria to see us. Our staff who join our team will be technicians and will all be trained by a senior sonographer.

  • What is the most popular package available? 

The early gender and reassurance scan are our most popular packages. These wonderful scans are not readily available at hospitals as they require vast experience, skills and knowledge from the sonographer, combined with the latest technology, to give the best result. This is what we offer at Precious Glimpse

With our early gender scan, gender can be determined as early as 14 weeks. Parents can find out much earlier rather than waiting another 2 months for their next hospital appointment. This gives expecting parents longer to celebrate the news with their family and friends, and start the early bonding process with their baby.

The reassurance scan is our next popular scan as it is one of the first in Melbourne. Mothers who feel anxious or intuitively feel something is not right with their pregnancy often come to us, no matter the time of the day. They can come and check their baby’s progress anytime without the time-consuming process of getting a referral from their doctor – which is why the reassurance scan is so popular. While our reassurance scan is not a medical scan and doesn’t replace the routine medical scan, we offer this extra package to show pregnant mothers their wiggling baby and that gorgeous heartbeat. This gives mothers that peace of mind and alleviates stress while they wait for their next doctor’s appointment.

  • How accurate is your gender reveal scan? 

Our gender scan is 99% accurate from 14 weeks but can be provided from 13 weeks too. To compliment the scan, we can take photos of and display the baby’s genitals and provide a detailed explanation to parents what we are seeing. The gender scan is not a rushed test; the session can take up 20 minutes which allows ample time to thoroughly check the baby’s gender. Once the genital is confirmed at different angles, we announce to the parents in whatever form they request.

  • When is the best time to have your scan done? 

It really depends on the pregnant mother’s preferences. If they would like full body shots including hands and feet in one view, then 20-25 weeks is very cute! However, if they would like more detailed images of their baby’s face then I would suggest 26 weeks onwards, with the optimal period between 30-32 weeks as the cheeks become chubbier! Needless to say we have seen very cute photos even up to 37 weeks!

  • What is your goal with every client that comes through the door?

Our main goal is to ensure each client receives the best level of care and service in a safe environment, and leaves well informed. We take a perfectionist’s approach to ultrasound images, so we set high standards for the image and take pride in our level of service and commitment to ensure that the best images possible are obtained.

We understand how long parents have waited and how much it means to them to see their baby’s face. This is why we use the highest grade ultrasound technology available combined with our expertise and personal commitment to make the experience memorable. However, there are many factors that can affect the quality of images that are beyond a sonographer’s control such as placental position, amniotic fluid, baby’s position and mother’s body type. If baby is not cooperating we always offer a complimentary rescan with all our Precious packages – we know babies run their own show!

House of Harvee family at Precious Glimpse Clinic
House of Harvee family at Precious Glimpse’s Clinic

– Written by House of Harvee

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