Corona Virus – Updates (3rd November, 2021)

PRECIOUS GLIMPSE COVID-19 POLICY (please scroll down for latest updates)


With the recent news regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19) Precious Glimpse (PG) are taking extra precautions to minimize the risk of spread.

PG has been working closely with doctors and other health professionals while monitoring the World Health Organisation and the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria websites for the latest updates from these government organisations to ensure actions are taken per the continuously evolving guidelines.

If you’ve returned from overseas at any time in the past 14 days and are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, please delay attending PG till you have a documented medical clearance to attend.

In the meantime, our 48-hour cancellation policy won’t apply to anyone with flu-like symptoms.

We believe in transparency and, as such, will inform all mothers and families if there is a case immediately.

Our room is thoroughly sanitized after each patient visit and we provide and encourage the use of hand sanitiser before/after each session.

Our probes are cleaned in accordance with ASUM.

We encourage all our future clients to consider your bookings for the health and safety of other mothers and their families.

In the event that there is a case at PG all our staff will self-quarantine for 14 days – in this instance, we would close for the 14 days with a notification to anyone that has made bookings during the said period.

We encourage all our future clients to consider your bookings for the health and safety of other pregnant mothers and their families.

We welcome all concerns and questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or message.



18/03 – UPDATE:

Patient and Clients are now limited to only 3 guests. This is for the safety of our sonographer and other mothers.


23/03 – UPDATE

Open and operating within normal hours. Precious Glimpse will continue to adhere to new government regulations and will comply when there are new updates.

Precious Glimpse is an accredited clinic and is part of allied health. During this time of uncertainty, Precious Glimpse is dedicated to supporting mothers. We are here to help minimise the burden for hospital and help keep mothers safe from exposure.

We will have a high priority for our medical services this includes all pregnancy-related scans such as Dating, Nuchal and Morphology and Growth scan. If you are unable to find an appointment online please contact us directly.

As the impact of the situations grows in the community we are instituting some measure to ensure the health and safety for everyone. We suggest a maximum of 3 guests from the same household and to Facetime those who can’t make the appointment.

Please keep in mind those that are more vulnerable during this time. We continue to remain our high level of infection control in the clinic with stricter hygiene protocol already in, please.

We thank you for your cooperation and support.


26/03 – UPDATE

Because of the high internet traffic, some medical clinics are experiencing problems receiving fax reports from Precious Glimpse.

Precious Glimpse will continue to fax reports to the patient’s respective health providers AND also an e-mail with their medical reports.

Please kindly show the digital copy of the report to your provider if this is the case.


28/03 – UPDATE

Precious Glimpse’s ask that mothers and guest(s) to wear a face mask where possible.

Precious Glimpse now will limit to 2 guests only. We strongly advised to only bring immediate family or from the same household, any extra guests will be asked to wait in the waiting room or car.

Medical scans

Due to the overwhelming influx of patients from private clinics and hospital, we ask kindly if you could send us your referral to 2 days before your next appointment.


04/04 – UPDATE


Precious Glimpse have been fortunate enough to obtain VIRACLEAN® in the recent weeks to help disinfect general workplace area to decrease the chance of transmission by contaminated surfaces.

VIRACLEAN® is the first Australian hospital-grade disinfectant product that can legally claim to kill COVID-19 and approved by the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA).

Recent news have caught on with this product and we hope to see more Australian made products help combat this novel virus.


06/04 – UPDATE

Medical scans

During this time of uncertainty being pregnant can be a very stressful time especially when your loved ones are unable to attend your appointment.

Precious Glimpse understands the importance of maternal support and can allow 2 supporting guests to attend your appointment, given that they are in good health.

We do strongly advise against bringing the elderly, young children or anyone who is unwell. Guests are welcome to support mothers and attend to their medical scans keeping in mind of safety measures; hand hygiene and social distancing.

All medical scans include the Dating, Nuchal, 12-13 week scan, Morphology and Growth scan.

We can accept all referral letter and if you would like to use your hospital’s referral please contact us.


07/04 – UPDATE

Our complimentary voucher pack will still be given out as per the Precious Packages. However, please keep in mind that our photographers may not operate during these times.

We are currently working with them to find a solution.


17/04 – UPDATE

Our own receptionists are now certified for Infection and Control Training, specifically for the COVID-19.

Aspen Medical and The Australian Government have worked together to create this program.

“This training module covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19 including:

  • COVID-19 – what is it?
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Keeping safe – protecting yourself and others
  • Myth busting”

We encourage everyone to register this program as it is also FREE.

We believe this training provides valuable information to assist in minimising infection rates.

Precious Glimpse will now also use Glen20 which is recognised as a disinfectant aerosol as well.


11/05 – UPDATE

The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews have announced ease of restrictions beginning of May 12th 11:59 pm.

We are therefore increasing our guest limit to 3 guests from any households. This will come into effect from Wednesday May 13th onwards.

We will be contacting everyone who have made a booking with us regarding the guest limit update through our texts and e-mails (where necessary).


08/07 – UPDATE

With recent news regarding the affected postcodes in Victoria, Precious Glimpse will still continue operating as usual.

We ask our mother’s to remain in their cars before entering our premise (we will call you to come in) to minimize chance of spreading. 

Our protocols are still in place to keep everyone safe, if you have recently been tested and awaiting for COVID-19 results, please stay home until your results come back negative.

We have made a decision to keep our guest limit to 3 from the same household, however, we still urge our mother’s to refrain inviting grandparents or young kids (where necessary).


13/07 – UPDATE

As local community transmission in on the rise, we now urge our guests and mothers to wear masks before entering the premise.


22/07 – UPDATE

The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews have announced that people living in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire are now required to wear a face covering mask when leaving home. This new rule will be enforced after 11:59pm on Wednesday 22nd of July.  

We are therefore requiring all clients and their guest(s) to be wearing a mask when entering the clinic. This will come into effect from Wednesday July 22nd onwards.

We will be contacting everyone who have made a booking with us regarding the new rule update through our texts and e-mails (where necessary).

If you forget your mask please let our receptionist know, we offer masks for $1.00 each.


02/08 – UPDATE

We now only accept one guest from the same household.

Mothers who are situated outside the 5 km radius from Precious Glimpse are still able to travel for their medical ultrasound as stated by the Coronavirus hotline.

Regarding our elective services, we will contact the appropriate government body to get some clear answers on 3rd August and contact to those affected by the following day.

Our medical services will still remain operational as it is a necessary service.


03/08 – UPDATE

Elective and medical services are still operational as normal.

Mothers can travel outside their 5 km zone for their ultrasound services.

30/03 – UPDATE

Guest limit is now 4, children are not included in the guest limit.

27/04 – UPDATE

Guests can now stay in the waiting room instead of their cars.

27/05 – UPDATE

Guests are now advised to stay in their cars, guests limit has decreased to two (adults).


20/07 – UPDATE

Business operate as per normal, but all the rules still applies (see Summary below).

10/08 – UPDATE

Business operate as per normal, guest numbers reduced to 1 (kids are not included as part of guest numbers).


13/08 – UPDATE

The building where Precious Glimpse operates had undergone a deep clean on 12th August.

All staff present on Thursday 5th August were tested multiple times through the week and results have came back negative.

A deep clean was performed on 12th August and DHS has been notified with all the details to resume practice again.

We anticipate PG will resume from 14th August with limited services (no medical or gender) until 20th August. During this time, some staff are required to quarantined. 

We continue to wish all pregnant mothers out there to stay safe.

27/10 – UPDATE

After multiple discussions with our Practice Manager, we are please to allow up to 2 adult guests (at least one dose vaccinated) to attend our mother’s ultrasound session.

Up to two dependents can attend to the session as well.

Please make sure to sign in and present your vaccination certificate prior to your scan.

We will check your guests vaccination certificates upon arrival.



Current procedures in place;

  • Staff are trained under the government’s Infection & Control.
  • Wiping down communal areas regularly using anti-viral spray.
  • Sonographers and trainees to wear masks at all times.
  • Using anti-viral aerosol sprays before and after each session.
  • Sterilize room before and after each session.
  • Parents, family members, other guests with any symptoms to remain home.
  • No mask = no entry – unfortunately, we are unable to accept anyone without a mask to the premise.
  • Perspex are now put in place at reception area.
  • 4 guests (2 children, 2 vaccinated adults) are now allowed.
  • Patients and guests should stay in their cars.
  • QR code now in place for mandatory check-ins.
  • Patients and clients will need to present COVID negative test result if cold/flu symptoms are displayed on the day.


Any further questions? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 03 9021 0018. or 03 8528 6700



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