New GE Voluson arrived! – What does that mean for pregnant mothers

Precious Glimpse welcomes new GE Voluson E10 – HDliveHDlive Studio & HDLive Silhouette with Radiance technology


At Precious Glimpse, we continuously strive to find new ways of providing the best experience and to be undisputed leaders in the 3D/4D technology. Since 2017, we have set the standards and upgrade our system  on a yearly basis and this year is no different. This year, we introduce our pregnant mothers to the Voluson E10.


What is  the GE Voluson E10?

General Electric (GE) are global leaders in the woman’s health ultrasound imaging. The Voluson E10 unit is the top of the range and consists state-of-the-art technology which produce extraordinary imagery with the latest Radiance system technology. This technology now brings increased penetration, data transfer rate for higher resolution and faster frame rate and processing power for advanced applications and efficient workflow.


Promotional image of GE Voluson E10
Figure 1: Promotional image from GE website


What does it mean for pregnant mothers?

It’s unrivalled processing power and as well as improvements in image clarity are just two of the reasons why we acquired this machine for use at Precious Glimpse. There are other benefits which enhances the experience of your ultrasound scan at our clinic so that it can be not only memorable but also complements the exceptional care offered to our all clients and patients. 


High quality contrast images for better photos

The Voulson E10 boasts an incredibly fast processor so that data is transferred very quickly enabling visualisation of images with high resolution. This means that while you are being scanned, the images you see in the screen load seamlessly and are crystal clear, improving the overall experience of a scan session at Precious Glimpse.

It also incorporates technology which allows increased penetration. This means that the ultrasound sound waves on the probe can travel into the body with increased efficiency resulting in better image quality even for the most difficult client. Again, this means better quality images and at the same time reduces the chances of you having to reschedule your appointment at our clinic. This saves time and money and at the same time provides you with high quality pictures and videos which you can cherish forever.


New HDLive technology and HDLive Silhouette (introduced by GE)

The HDLive technology pioneered by GE enabled the production of extraordinary realistic images of the human foetus. It enables advanced skin rendering processes, manipulation of shadows and provides a virtual light source to deliver state-of-the-art high quality. The acquisition of such a technology represents a major leap for us at Precious Glimpse to be able to provide incredible images to our clients.

GE’s proprietary HDLive Silhouette technology allows the sonographer to not only see the front of the foetus but it also artificially constructs images of the back of the foetus by analysing the shadows or Silhouette created by its HDLive technology.

It can analyse fluid-filled structures and reconstruct the images in a ‘see-through manner’ so that a better diagnosis can be made by allowing the sonographer to see through the other side of the image. Therefore, this enables the acquisition of images which was not possible before with a certain degree of confidence without sacrificing the quality of the images. While also providing extra information about the inner structures, it also allows structures such as bones to be rendered and modelled.


HDLive Silhouette
Figure 2: Image of twins with HDLive Silhouette using GE E10 Voluson


Inbuilt Audio

Hearing the foetus’ heartbeat can be an emotional and a life-changing experience for to-be parents. Previously they could hear the foetus’ heartbeat in our clinic during a routine scan however, with the incorporation of inbuilt audio, expecting parents will now be able to save the audio file of their foetus’ heartbeat and keep it for the future.

While allowing for bonding with the baby, it also allows prospective parents to relive the moment when they first heard their baby’s heartbeat, over and over again!


HDMI output

Voluson GE E10’s HDMI output means you can see the true native rendering in 1080p resolution of your baby on our 50″ screen UHD TV in the clinic. It allows prospective parents to bond with the foetus at the comfort of our facility.


Image taken at Precious Glimpse
Figure 3: Image taken using HDLive technology


With these exceptional benefits of the new ultrasound machine at Precious Glimpse, we believe we have made the right choice. During these uncertain times, we want to ensure our valued clients that at Precious Glimpse, we respect the needs and concerns of our clients. As we continually strive to invest in ourselves, likewise, we seek to provide our clients with exception care and service and this acquisition is a testament to that.


However, to get the most of your session, we still advise:

  • Book between 26-32 weeks with the best time at 30 week
  • Book when your baby’s head is down (not transverse or breech)
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself well hydrated a week before your appointment to improve the image clarity and space.


*Please note that every pregnant women is different and can carry differently. The result of the image will vary between different women depending on the baby’s position, placenta location, fluid levels and mother’s body type. Precious Glimpse is unable to guarantee perfect or full face images due to these factors beyond out control. 

Visit our elective services (with HDLive technology) or medical services or book online now.

Want to know more about GE Voluson E10? You can watch the video here.


26-June-20 Peter Nguyen



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