Our Partner Store – Honey Baby Collection is now online!

Honey Baby Collection Store Now Online

The talented teams at Honey Baby Collection have worked extensively to open an online store. Precious Glimpse have been working in collaboration for over a year with them by incorporating “Honey – The heart recording bear” to the Precious Diamond package

Plush heart recording bear
Still photo of Honey – heart recording bear.

What does this mean?

Exclusive deals, promotions will be available from time to time with their online store. They can also deliver “Honey” Australia wide, to yours or loved ones home with your baby’s heartbeat recorded (provided you email them the audio file, of course) or otherwise, you can purchase directly and take it to any ultrasound clinic for them to record.


What other products do they sell?

Very similar to what we stock at Precious Glimpse, such as Pregnancy Milestone Cards, Baby Frames (4″ x 6″) and Accessories, you can find their collection here.

Pregnancy Milestone Cards
Pregnancy Milestone Cards, Australian printed and designed.


Do they provide wholesale?

The simple answer, yes. But you have to provide a ABN number, along with other business details to verify. A wholesale account will be created where you can purchase at wholesale prices.


Can I trust them?

Yes, we have been working closely with them and have been stocking majority of their products. They are situated in Melbourne, though a small business, they are very passionate with their products and design.

08-March-21 Peter Nguyen



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