Pampering Pregnant Mums


The 40 weeks journey for some lucky mum can be a walk in the park and for others such as myself can be hard work.

The first trimester started with emotional outburst, vomiting, constant nausea, forgetfulness, indecisiveness and exhaustion. By the second trimester, most of these things settled and I felt more like myself however my growing womb did not and I struggled to sleep. I was up at night from the aches and pain and filling my mind with worries and anxiety. When I was in my third trimester, my legs were swollen and I struggled to get in and out of the car or paint my toe nails. As the delivery date was approaching I spent my night worrying whether I felt my baby’s kick and the Braxton hicks did not help either. I would have the hospital number on speed dials.

Pregnancy journey is a blissful experience but not always easy. As your little one grow and change in your womb, can have dramatically effect on your body and emotion.

I gathered a list of 7 things that would be wonderful for a pregnant mum to indulge or can be for a special gift to show her your appreciation:

  1. Massage

  • These are amazing gifts for pregnant mum who are sore, uncomfortable and exhausted
  • The increase in weight can cause more pressure on the muscle and constant stress can leave the pregnant woman feeling tense.
  • Massage especially pregnancy specific massages can loosen these muscles knots and alleviate stress
  1. Pedicure/Manicure

  • Perfect gift for a pregnant mum with sore feet and hands.
  • Increasing weight and water retention in the body can cause carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist and strain on the ankle tendons leading to constant aches and pain.
  • A target foot or hand massage can help relieve tension and stimulate circulation.
  1. Spa Treatment

  • Facial treatment or hair mask is perfect for those pregnant mums to combat skin breakout or hair loss.
  • A day away or a few hours to unwind with a spa treatment and a massage is a wonderful treat for a mum to feel like herself again.
  1. 3D/HD Scan

  • This is a wonderful scan that pregnant mums won’t forget. She will be able to be relaxed and watch her baby on the screen with precious images to keep and share.
  • These reassurance scans will help alleviate stress and create positive bonding experience for mum and other family members
  1. Maternity Photo Shoot

  • Pregnancy is a once in lifetime experience, most women feel they look the best during their pregnancy and others may struggle with their health and body issues.
  • Either way, there is many reasons to celebrate your pregnancy by capturing this highly anticipated time. Photoshoot can be creative; it can involve your partner, grandparents or other siblings.
  • The 9 months can be quickly over and this will be a wonderful way for mothers to remember their pregnancy.
  1. Maternity Outfit Splurge

  • The body is constantly changing during pregnancy and some areas grows faster than other such as the breast, buttocks, legs, thighs and definitely around the tummy.
  • Some women can lose weight especially if they are suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (constant vomiting and loss of appetite) and some may develop skin reactions such as rashes.
  • Leggings, yoga pants and shirts may be the “go-to” outfit in the first trimester. However as the pregnancy moves along investing in new set of outfit to accommodate for the changes will be a necessity. As many standard shirt and pants may not have that extra room around the stomach.
  • Maternity wear clothes will make pregnant mums feel comfortable and accentuate that beautiful bump or cleavage.
  1. Plan a ‘Babymoon’

  • Let’s face it, having a baby is very exciting but your little one will keep you busy for awhile once they arrive.  The next few months may be your last chance to have some alone time with your partner.
  • A getaway will be a nice treat to celebrate with your partner before the baby’s arrival.
  • Most expectant parents choose to travel in the second trimester, when the morning sickness has settled and all the final obstetrics appointments are done. Always keep in mind with the rule of Australia’s airline on how many weeks you can travel.

10-October-17 Anna Nguyen



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