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What is Quality Innovation Performance (QIP)?

Quality innovation performance (QIP) is an Australian not-for-profit health accreditation agency with more than twenty years’ experience to ensure medical businesses complies with Australian laws. 

Quality innovation performance are dedicated to supporting the health and community service to manage risk and quality through the provision of Accreditation, certification and quality assurance services. They play a key role in developing standards and influencing the development of a quality improvement framework. 

Specialising in providing accreditation, certification, verification and support services to a range of organisations.

QIP Accreditation framework is based on national standards that are set by the Commonwealth Department of Health. 



What does this mean for Precious Glimpse?

The accreditation is an independent recognition that shows Precious Glimpse has demonstrated and met all standards set by the Commonwealth Department of Health. This assures our patients that our imaging clinic has met the highest standards in not just quality scan and reports, but also in our ethical behavior and suitable quality support.

The Accreditation is a major achievement and is a clear demonstration that Precious Glimpse is constantly striving to improve our level of quality and service to our clients and the community. 

Recently, Precious Glimpse has received full accreditation from QIP organisation, where only allow for certified practices to show the QIP logo.

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