What Is The Difference Between HD & 5D Ultrasound?

What Is The Difference Between HD & 5D Ultrasound?


The word “5D ultrasound” has been heard more often recently and as appealing as this word sound the actual meaning of 5D according to Doug Ryan (vice president of Samsung Health and Medical equipment) is that “5D technology is a form of automation where you go through and do a scan and you get the results autopopulated for you”.


So what does that mean?

This feature was created for the time-consuming ultrasound examination and to assist the sonographer efficiency. The fifth dimension is actually defined, as “automation” and it will automatically display measurements for diagnostic purposes.  For example measuring multiple ovarian follicles in one assessment when performing a “follicle tracking” ultrasound examination.

However recently the term “5D” has been misconstrued with “HD” ultrasound as providing the life-like images with skin tone.

This is actually known as High definition (HD) and is the latest technology for surface rendering providing these skin tone and should not be misinterpreted or misled as “5D”.

To learn more about the other dimensions and what it means in the ultrasound world, please click here for more information.

10-October-17 Anna Nguyen



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