Partners Guide: How To Help Your Pregnant Partner

Congratulations on being a parent! If it’s the first or subsequent time, it’s wonderful news and can still feel surreal! Every pregnancy can be different, and your dearest can go through different symptoms each time. It can be hard and you may feel helpless at time, to watch your loved one go through these normal pregnancy symptoms. However there are other ways you can help  and will always be appreciated.


1. Listening and empathize

      • She’s going through a life changing experience; the rush of hormones, the physical changes and daily discomfort can add to her frustration.
      • Being attentive, listen to empathize can be very comforting.
      • Compliment and tell her she is beautiful and don’t assume she knows you still find her attractive.

2. Be involved

      • She will be so happy to know that you’re just as excited as she is.
      • So try to go to as many doctor’s and ultrasound appointment with her.
      • Touch her belly, hold her hand and give words of comfort.
      • Each of these small gestures will let her know that you love and care for her and are going through this together. She will feel assured and know that you are always in her corner.

3. Let her sleep

      • Her body is working overtime to accommodate for the growing womb and she will be exhausted.
      • Let her sleep in or nap whenever she needs.  

4. Do the chores and errands

      • Some women have a short burst of energy in the second trimester, but every effort becomes more laboured as the pregnancy moves along. Offer to help with picking up the grocery, dinner or filling up fuel for her car.
      • A clean, spotless house is food for a pregnant woman’s soul. Her mind is already filled with pregnancy chaos and coming home to a clean house will give her the zen she needs and allows her the extra rest time.  
      • Cooking dinner will be appreciated if your loved one suffers sickness or nausea from certain food smells.
      • If there are other older children in family, get them dressed, make their breakfast  and dropping them off will take a huge load off for her.

5. Pamper her

      • In my previous blog, I listed 8 things that will be a great way to make a pregnant women feel special and appreciated.
      • They don’t have to be expensive, even a nice foot, shoulder, hand massage or a quick trip to get her favourite snack would be a sweet way to pamper her.

6. Get a push present

      • A push present would be a special way to commemorate how amazing your woman is for bringing your child into this world.
      • It can range from a bracelet with a with a special pendant, your baby’s birthstone or a note that says “I love you” or “we did it”. 
      • This will let her know how special, strong and that she’s already the best mother.

10-October-17 Anna Nguyen



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